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SaaS Product Redesign

Tired of your outdated SaaS product design holding your business back? At Uitop, we specialize in revitalizing SaaS products through expert redesigns and refreshes. Our team of seasoned designers can give your platform a whole new look and improved functionality.

Why Redesign Your SaaS Product?

Attract new users

Outdated, confusing UX and UI are some of the biggest barriers to user onboarding and retention. When you redesign a product, you receive a perfect opportunity to refine visuals and user journeys to catch the eye of new users and convert them into customers. By overhauling the UI visual design and improving the UX, you directly address pain points that turn off potential new users.

Stand out from the competition

A UI/UX redesign demonstrates your commitment to continuously improving and exceeding the status quo, keeping your solution appealing, relevant, and competitive. We can identify your strengths and double down on them while shoring up any weaknesses holding you back. This way, you can future-proof your product by elevating it to the new bar for your category.

Boost engagement

A product redesign opens up all kinds of potential to engage users more with new features and experiences baked right into the platform. With a fresh coat of paint and thoughtful tweaks, there are many ways to breathe new life into an existing product and delight users. Our approach is balancing evolution with familiarity across the user experience.

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Reduced churn

At Uitop, we understand that user frustration with your product’s interface can lead to increased customer churn and lost revenue. With our redesigned solutions, your customers can complete tasks quickly and easily, which directly translates to reduced revenue loss from churn.

Greater accessibility

When your product interface blocks people with impairments from accessing your services, you harm your brand and limit your addressable market. Our designers follow web accessibility guidelines like WCAG 2.1 to ensure your redesigned interfaces work for all.

Easier feature discovery

With our redesigned interfaces spotlighting your product’s value, customers fully leverage the features you built. Increased feature adoption leads to stickier users who extract more value from every subscription.

Identifying pain points

At Uitop, we leverage contextual inquiry sessions to validate assumptions product teams may have about what users want or how they behave. In these immersive sessions, we observe participants using the product in their natural environment instead of in lab settings.

Prioritizing features

User research helps us prioritize what to build next. We conduct usability studies to see which new features users struggle with most. This highlights areas of the product that need immediate attention.

Optimizing flows

We also analyze user session recordings to find bottlenecks in key workflows. Seeing where users get stuck or abandon tasks informs how we can streamline paths through the product. User research identifies unnecessary steps that can be removed and questions users face.

Visualizing ideas and collaborating

We leverage wireframing and prototyping to quickly explore concepts, align stakeholders, conduct research, inform development, and ultimately design a stellar user experience. This approach reduces risk and accelerates successful SaaS app redesigns.

Building a shared vision

A product redesign project can get derailed if the product, design, and engineering teams are not aligned on the goals and desired outcomes. Wireframes and prototypes provide a “source of truth” and a unifying roadmap for successfully delivering a complex SaaS product redesign involving many contributors.

Reducing development cost

Our process focuses on structuring the information and flows to meet user needs and prevent wasting engineering cycles by building the wrong features or over-designed interfaces.


Our SaaS Product Redesign Process

Our comprehensive design-first process reduces risk by validating solutions before engineering. Here are the steps we follow in our product redesign process.

1. Gather requirements

The first step is gathering requirements from all stakeholders. We interview executives and managers to understand their business goals for the redesign. Reviewing analytics provides quantitative data on where users struggle today.

2. Synthesize findings

Next, we synthesize the stakeholder and user research findings into actionable insights. Key user tasks and workflows are identified for optimization. Our team outlines the high-level information architecture and new capabilities needed to achieve your goals.

3. Sketch concepts

With requirements gathered, collaborative sketching sessions explore potential solutions. We whiteboard page layouts, user flows, and wireframe annotations. Sketching allows for quickly generating and discussing multiple approaches to evaluating pros and cons.

4. Create wireframes

Rough sketches are then transformed into low-fidelity digital wireframes. Wireframes enable iteratively refining information architecture, navigation, layouts, and features. Stakeholders can efficiently review and provide feedback at this concept stage.

5. Build a prototype

Key wireframes are stitched together into a realistic, clickable prototype, simulating just enough of the core user journey. Prototypes bring primary workflows and new capabilities to life for usability testing.

6. Gather user feedback

The prototype is used for moderated usability testing with representative users. Participants complete realistic tasks while thinking aloud about their expectations and pain points. Observing actual usage reveals opportunities to streamline flows further and improve findability.

7. Iterate and improve

Once live, the new design is continually refined through build-measure-learn iterations. Usability findings, user feedback, and analytics inform ongoing tweaks to optimize workflows. The product evolves as new needs emerge while maintaining the integrity of the user experience established upfront.

The tools we use

Technology Behind Our Redesign Services

Our design team leverages Figma for rapid wireframing and collaboration, InVision and Framer for building interactive prototypes, FullStory and Hotjar for user research, and Storybook and Figma for design systems.

SaaS Redesign Cases

How Design Helps Everyone Access Your Product

Accessible design makes sure that everyone can easily use your software. It involves creating interfaces and features that are user-friendly. Discover how UI/UX design can make your SaaS product that benefits everyone.

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UI/UX Design for Easy-to-Understand Data

Data visualizations show complex information in a clear and easy-to-understand way. It’s about using clear charts, graphs, and diagrams. UI/UX design is very important for creating user-friendly data visualization for SaaS tools. Learn how UI/UX design improves data visualizations in your SaaS product.

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SaaS Productivity with Simple Design

In SaaS redesign, role-based workflows mean different users use the software differently based on their needs. It’s like giving each person the tools they need for their specific tasks. UI/UX design ensures that users can easily navigate and complete tasks. Discover how UI/UX design enhances workflows in your SaaS product.

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Transform Your SaaS Product

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“They took extra time to ensure that our frontend developer could easily implement the wireframes.”

Sam Jordan
TrovBase, CEO

“The quality of Uitop’s work was really outstanding. Uitop impressed with the quality of their designs, which received positive feedback from various users.”

Aymeric Halvarsson
Slabstack, CEO

“They took way more responsibility than we asked and we were so happy with the results of all their work. Uitop was easy to work with, flexible, and valuable to our company.”

Neil Hosey
ResHub, CTO

“We were really happy with the whole process. The team’s workflow was smooth; their designers communicated well and responded to questions promptly.”

Lindsay Jones
DropCap Inc, COO

“We’re most impressed with Uitop’s ability to come up with a system to be able to bring design solutions.”

Jordan Girard
Whiterock, Founder

“Uitop delivers high-quality results on time through effective communication. They were patient and easy to work with throughout the development process.”

Alexander Scheck
ReLounge, CEO

Why Choose Uitop?

Proven SaaS expertise

With years of focus on SaaS, our team understands the unique complexities of designing enterprise-grade experiences. We know what it takes to drive adoption and loyalty.

Full-lifecycle capabilities

From upfront discovery to visual design, UX writing, usability testing, and post-launch optimization, we partner with you through the entire product lifecycle.

Proven results

Our refined process has been honed across many engagements. We’ve consistently delivered successful outcomes for satisfied clients. Contact us to see our product redesign case studies. Your product is in good hands with Uitop.


Why should we redesign our SaaS product?

Many signals indicate it’s time to redesign, like declining usage, low satisfaction scores, or new market demands. A redesign can revitalize engagement, increase retention, and position your product for long-term growth.

Where do you start when redesigning a SaaS product?

We thoroughly analyze your business goals, user research findings, and analytics data. This frames the right problems to solve. We then ideate solutions via collaborative sketching and wireframing sessions with your team.

How do you know if the new design will work?

We use interactive prototypes to simulate key user journeys and rapidly test concepts with real users. This validated learning approach reduces risk and ensures we design an optimal experience.

Can your team handle both UX design and visual design?

Absolutely. Our design experts can take concepts from low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity visual mockups, working closely with your development teams throughout implementation.

How can you optimize our SaaS product post-redesign?

We leverage analytics and ongoing user research to refine and improve experiences after launch. A/B testing identifies opportunities to better meet evolving user needs over time.

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