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SaaS Design

We help B2B SaaS companies simplify complex product logic with easy-to-use and scale interfaces. Our designs are grounded in advanced UX research and proper testing. Let’s see how UI/UX influence your business.

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SaaS Development

We undertake all the difficulties of implementing your business idea and design into reality. So you can focus on your business needs, while we carefully plan, deploy, test, and maintain your robust software.

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Startup Prototyping

Validate ideas fast and risk-free with clickable prototypes of the product or new features for testing, showing investors or attracting customers. No code and a big demand for time and money, but with UX in mind.

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Featured Case Studies

Digitalization of government contracting

The paper bureaucracy transformation into a simple and effective process. Explore how carefully planned UX can change the speed of decision making and make the interface implementation simple.

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Construction management revolution

Creating an easy-to-use interface for a product in a complex traditional industry in 3 months is a reality. Learn how a structured approach boosts outcomes foк the core workflow of concrete, aggregates, and asphalt producers.

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New way of fitness club members management

ReLounge’s big goal was to become a global CRM provider for fitness centers. We worked carefully on the initial release: we tested interface prototypes with users worldwide and then crafted a product that suited all needs and business goals.

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“They took extra time to ensure that our frontend developer could easily implement the wireframes.”

Sam Jordan
TrovBase, CEO

“We were really happy with the whole process. The team’s workflow was smooth; their designers communicated well and responded to questions promptly.”

Lindsay Jones
DropCap Inc, COO

“The quality of Uitop’s work was really outstanding. Uitop impressed with the quality of their designs, which received positive feedback from various users.”

Aymeric Halvarsson
Slabstack, CEO

“We’re most impressed with Uitop’s ability to come up with a system to be able to bring design solutions.”

Jordan Girard
Whiterock, Founder

“They took way more responsibility than we asked and we were so happy with the results of all their work. Uitop was easy to work with, flexible, and valuable to our company.”

Neil Hosey
ResHub, CTO

“Uitop delivers high-quality results on time through effective communication. They were patient and easy to work with throughout the development process.”

Alexander Scheck
ReLounge, CEO
Time. Revenue. Users. Time. Revenue. Users. Time. Revenue. Users. Time. Revenue. Users.

What’s the price
of not choosing us?

“Before working with Uitop, we wasted funds on designs that required constant revisions. With them, we saved both time and money by getting it right the first time.”

Chris Light
Luxe Software, Founder & CEO

Let’s Build Your SaaS Dream

Design for Impact, Growth, and Success


User-centered design

We guarantee that your design meets all user’s needs in your specific product domain. We do research and testing to ensure that we haven’t missed any pain points or expectations.

Design-to-code transition

We understand that you want your product to look and work perfect. Our team ensures that interface would be developed according to the initial design.

Transparent Collaboration

Clear communication plays an important role in the SaaS creation process. We keep you updated daily about the results with messages, calls, and videos.

Adaptivity & Scalability

We guarantee that your SaaS product can easily adapt to the changing market. You can add as many new features as you need. Our foundation ensures a longer product life.

On-time delivery

You can be sure that we will finish your product according to the timelines. We deliver daily results and work with an iterative approach to keep all deadlines.

Well-planned process

We save your time and budget with effective solutions for product crafting. Instead of guessing how to create a feature, we use the best practices, planning and researching.


Design Sprint is 5 productive days that help you to get a fresh perspective for your product, no matter if this is a new feature, product prototype, or initial UX change.

On the first day, we will spend a lot of time with you talking about your product, its logic, users, your goals, needs, and expectations. Then we will dive into deep research to find the best way to deliver excellent experiences.


In the next 2 days, we will carefully wireframe your product with the ease of use in mind. Firstly we will show your basic screens to ensure that the business and product logic work clearly. After discussion, the changes will be added and wireframes will polished for perfection.

Our goal is not to make a pretty cool product but to be sure that your vertical will accept and use it.


The best way to prove the feature or prototype is by testing. We usually spend the last few days on this to find the gaps and places for improvement. After gathering all the feedback, the designer adds changes to make your product look and work perfectly.

Remember that the best way to achieve predictable results is through iterations: design, test, improve, and test again.

User-centered approach

Working by sprints helps us to deeply understand your vertical, users, product logic, and, of course, your business goals. Based on this we can create the interface and user experience that really covers of aspects of your potential customer’s workflow and can become a big support for their work routine.


The interface should be a barrier to growth. Product with a great market fit has a lot of places for new features and new workflows. This is the reason why we pay so much attention to crafting a scalable base for the product design. We use component systems that will be a huge help in expanding the product later.

Design to code transition

In the end, any design should be developed, but the final product will depend on the quality of design sources. We guarantee that your interface is easy to implement to look 1:1. Our secret is the design process, structured Figma files, and high expertise of designers. All of these ensure that your dev team will know how to make it real.


We focus on translating your goals, business and product requirements with a high-quality scalable base. We use the latest technologies and the best practices to make the back-end of the product with robust performance, maintenance, and security. Careful planning and high team expertise ensure the product will exceed expectations working smoothly and predictable.


We know you have a perfect product design that needs to be developed like on the prototype. Developers deeply collaborate with designers to deliver the front end that meets your and customers’ expectations making their workflow smooth and pleasant. We use all our expertise to deliver responsive, accessible, and fast-loading interfaces.


Your success is our goal! Thats why we pay a lot of attention to the testing and post-launch support. We provide monitoring, troubleshooting, and updates to ensure your SaaS remains competitive, secure, and up-to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you worked with SaaS companies similar to mine?

We have experience with various SaaS companies in different industries. Some examples are fintech, healthtech, govtech, and construction. We have worked on redesigning Tinyclues’s dashboard and developing ImpruvonHealth’s mobile app. We’re well-versed in the unique challenges and requirements of SaaS products.

What is the typical cost range for a complete UI/UX redesign of a SaaS product?

The cost for a complete UI/UX redesign varies based on the complexity and scope of the project. On average, projects range from $12,000 to $30,000. As for timelines, a full redesign typically takes between 8 to 12 weeks. However, the cost and timeline will be determined more accurately after we discuss your needs.

How do you optimize designs for web and mobile responsiveness?

Performance is always top-of-mind. We craft with a mobile-first approach and prioritize responsive layouts. For assets, we ensure they’re optimized for web and mobile without compromising quality. When we design, we take into account the technical constraints of platforms. We ensure that animations or elements don’t slow down load times or worsen user experience.

How much does a custom SaaS development cost?

Development of the custom SaaS solution depends on various factors, such as the number of features, complexities of requirements, team size and expertise, tech stack, and others. However, the average MVP ranges from $23000 to $34000.

How much time does it require to develop a SaaS?

The first MVP could be built in from a month to 6 months, depending on variables like project specifications, planned time to market, team size, tech stack, and integration requirements. But we do our best to deliver your SaaS as fast as possible, without any unnecessary tasks and delays, keeping high quality and performance.

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