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ReLounge transforms back health centers with IoT technology. This ensures excellent patient care and efficient operations.


Back health centers often face the tough job of keeping track of patient details, appointments, and health devices, which can lead to mistakes and stress.


After implementing ReLounge’s user-friendly interface, the centers noticed that their workflow became faster. They also experienced fewer errors when navigating the system.

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ReLounge is the simple yet powerful tool that’s changing how back health centers work. Before, staff struggled with hard-to-use software, but the app makes everything clear and easy. Tasks are now completed faster, and mistakes are reduced by half. This allows everyone to focus more on caring for patients. It is not just a CRM.



Staff at back health centers often have a hard time using their dashboards. The complicated systems are not clear, which slows down work and causes stress. It is difficult to quickly find important patient details, keep track of appointments, and see updates from health devices.


The dashboard design solves these problems by being simple and clear. It’s easy to use, with the most important information right where staff can see it. They can change the dashboard to show just what they need, making their jobs most important to them.



Setting up appointments in back health centers can be tricky and slow. It’s easy to get mixed up and book two people at the same time, or forget an appointment altogether.


We created an easy-to-use appointment system. It’s clear and fast, so staff can quickly make or change appointments without any mix-ups.  The system also warns if someone tries to book two things at once. It helps fix missed appointments.



Keeping track of patient information is tough in many back health centers. The systems they use are too complicated and messy. This makes it hard for staff to keep patient details up to date or find the information they need. Patients may not receive the best care. Staff become frustrated because they cannot perform their job effectively.


Members feature has a simple design that lets staff quickly add and change patient details, like phone numbers or treatment plans. All information about a patient is in one location. This makes it simple to view their history and monitor their health. This means all the information is right and up to date, and patients get more personal care.



At many back health centers, dealing with patient data is a big headache. Staff can’t easily tell if treatments are working or what’s going on with their patients’ health. They spend too much time trying to understand all the numbers and not enough time helping people.


Now, staff can quickly see important things, like which treatments work best or if a patient is getting better. They don’t need to be experts in data; they can just look and understand. This means they can spend more time caring for patients and less time worrying about numbers.



Talking to each other in back health centers is often a big mess. The ways they try to send messages and updates are usually complicated and unreliable. This means people miss important notes, wait too long for answers, and sometimes even get things wrong with patient care.


It’s a simple tool that lets staff quickly send messages, update each other, and work together smoothly. It’s all in one spot, so nothing gets lost or forgotten. This means everyone gets the info they need right away, can respond faster, and can work better as a team. Everything runs more smoothly, and staff can focus on what’s important: taking good care of their patients.


The interface matches well with the development frameworks. This ensures that the experience is easy for users.


flutter dev



Components Library


The application did not have a centralized system for design elements. Because of this, it was difficult to keep a consistent look and feel across the application. The repetitive work was inefficient and caused small inconsistencies in the design. 


The components library had reusable design elements like buttons, menus, and input fields. These elements were standardized for style, size, and color. Designers could use these pre-made components to quickly build and update interfaces.

Problem solving

We talked to users and listened to their issues and ideas. This helped us enhance the design of the platform.


This is like the plan for how the software’s parts fit together. For back health centers, it means making sure the system can handle everything from patient data to appointments smoothly. Good architecture makes the software strong, easy to grow, and simple to keep working well.


Wireframing is like drawing a map of where everything will go in the software. It shows where menus, buttons, and info will be on the screen. For back health centers, this step helps plan out how staff will move from one task to another, making sure it’s easy and makes sense.

Design system

A design system is a set of building blocks for the software’s look and feel. It’s like a toolkit for making sure everything in the app looks consistent and works together well. For the staff using it, this means the software is easier to understand and use right away.

Prototype & Testing

Prototyping is building an interactive version of the app before the final version is developed. We created a prototype to test and refine the design and functionality. This allows us to make improvements based on how the app looks and feels before full development starts.


“They conducted intensive research, gathered information and industry reviews, and reviewed the competitors. The application received positive attention from customers.”

Alexander Scheck
CEO, ReLounge

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