Medicine Treatment Management Mobile App

Impruvon Health is a tool that helps doctors and patients control medication and take care of their health.


People often forget or mismanage their medication. Patients needed an app that helped them take their medicine regularly. Impruvon Health aims to improve their bond with their doctor.


A user-friendly mobile app that makes medication management effortless. Patients follow their treatment plan, and doctors stay informed. This helps them communicate better.

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Impruvon Health is a platform that simplifies health management. Patients receive reminders, track their dosage, and note side effects. Doctors, in turn, monitor medication sticking and communicate directly with patients. The design is focused on an easy-to-use interface. It uses clear visuals and intuitive navigation. It is made for all users, no matter their tech level. This app changes how patients and doctors connect. Impruvon Health is making health management easier.



Starting a new health app can be scary because the interfaces and terms are unfamiliar. This initial confusion can prevent consistent use.


Now everything is clear and simple, so users can find what they need without stress. The dashboard helps users stay organized and focused on their medication.

Patient Account


Patients have to use many different platforms and documents to get their health treatment status. This can make it hard to keep track of the data. 


We keep all health information in one place, so it’s easy to access and manage. Icons, color schemes, and layouts are tailored for quick data search.

Doctor Account


Efficient patient care requires timely and organized data. However, doctors often face scattered or outdated patient information.


The doctor’s dashboard offers a streamlined view of patient updates. Doctors can easily navigate with a clean interface, so they always have up-to-date information.

Medicine Prescription


Prescription details with unclear meanings can cause misunderstandings. This was a route of serious health problems.


Our design emphasizes clarity in the medicine prescription feature. Doctors and patients understand medication instructions with intuitive medicine cards.

Medicine Scheduling


Patients forget about their medication timings and ruin their health regime. It makes treatment inconsistent and ineffective.


An intelligent medicine scheduling tool sends timely reminders. The scheduling interface is simple and easy to use, so patients always know when to take their next dose.


We used special tools to make designing the app straightforward and seamless.





Components Library


When the design of different pages in the app doesn’t match, it can confuse users. This can make the experience feel broken and make users trust the app less.  


To make sure the app is consistent, we create a components library that focuses on UI/UX coherence. The library was carefully built to make sure everything looked the same and was easy to use.

Problem solving

Effective problem-solving forms the foundation of any successful digital product. To create a good app, we tackle problems step by step, focusing on users’ needs.


Structuring the app’s foundation correctly is primary. We designed Impruvon Health architecture to be strong and scalable, creating seamless user experiences.


Before starting the design, we made a wireframe to plan how users would navigate and interact. These basics ensured we had a clear path forward.

Design system

A consistent design language is key. We made the design system so everything looks the same and is easy to use.

Prototype & Testing

Prototyping brought our ideas to life. We tested the prototypes a lot to make sure the final product was perfect for users.

Customer’s feedback

“They are incredibly organized and follow a process to constantly engage with me on the specifics of the work they are doing so that we are always satisfied with the final product.”

Justin Amoyal
CEO, Impruvon Health

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