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Tinyclues is a CRM platform that helps marketers make their campaigns efficient. It allows them to target the right audience, leading to increased engagement and conversions.


Marketers had trouble using the Tinyclues platform, which made it hard for them to create effective campaigns. This led to frustration, reduced productivity, and hindered their ability to create successful marketing campaigns.


The platform became intuitive and easy to use, now marketers can easily use the product. The new design made it easier to create campaigns. Users’ productivity increased a lot, which led to more successful marketing efforts.

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Tinyclues had a big problem – their CRM platform was too hard to use for marketers. Each feature had its buttons and settings, making things confusing. The biggest goal is to make everything easy. Tinyclues wanted marketers to use the platform without any stress. So, they made a system that was clear and simple. Now, marketers don’t need to worry about tricky buttons. They can focus on making great campaigns. Thanks to this new design, tough tasks feel easy, and marketing success has soared.

Audience Mapper


The audience data was hard to understand, making it tough for marketers to figure out who to target. This had a big impact on their marketing efforts.


The Audience Mapper changed everything. Marketers can easily see and understand who they should reach. This simple design impact means better marketing decisions.

Campaign Studio


Making marketing campaigns was complicated. It took a lot of time, and the impact was not great. Also, users made a lot of costly mistakes.


Campaign Studio simplified this process. It offers an easy-to-use studio where marketers can efficiently plan and launch campaigns. This design improvement has a significant positive impact on campaign success.

Customized Offer


Creating offers that people really like was hard for marketers. Their campaigns didn’t have the results they wanted.


Marketers can now make special offers that fit each person. This design change has a big impact – more people like the offers, and campaigns work better.


Marketers can now make special offers that fit each person. This design change has a big impact – more people like the offers, and campaigns work better.


Material design 2


Auto-layouts, component design system, customization

Components Library


The design of the Tinyclues platform looked messy and confusing. It was hard for users because things didn’t look the same.


Components Library is like a place where we keep all the design pieces in one spot. Now, everything looks the same and works together. This makes the platform easier to use and looks better for everyone.

Problem solving

This is a time to talk about the process of fixing and improving the Tinyclues interface. These 5 steps improved the platform’s functionality, usability, and visual consistency.


During this stage, we made the platform stronger and ready for the future. It works better now and can grow with new needs. Users get a platform that runs smoothly and can adapt to their needs.


At this stage, we focused on making the platform easier to use. It’s simpler to find a way around and get things done. We talked to a lot of people to make sure it’s easy for everyone, no matter if you’re new to it or have been using it for a long time.

Design system

In this step, we made everything look the same and easy to understand on the platform. Using the platform now feels consistent and comfortable. This consistency in design makes your experience more pleasant and less confusing.

Prototype & Testing

During this phase, we tried out new ideas and made sure they worked well. We didn’t just guess if things would work – we tested them with real people to make sure they did. User feedback and real-world testing helped us make the platform work better for them in the end.

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