Bakery Devices Operation Platform

Rotimatic helps bakery product producers use their ovens, mixers, and more with an intuitive and efficient platform.


Bakers found it hard to use different tools like ovens and mixers.  Each of the devices had its own, sometimes confusing, controls. They needed a simple way to run all their devices without hassle.


Rotimatic platform to solve this. It puts all the device controls in one place, making them easy to use. Now, bakers can easily manage their ovens, mixers, and more, all in one spot. This made their work smoother and reduced mistakes.

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Rotimatic helps bakers use machines like ovens and mixers more easily. Before, each machine had its own set of buttons and settings, which was hard to navigate and set up for many bakers. The big challenge for us was to make everything look and feel simple. We wanted bakers to use all their devices without any stress. So, we designed a system where everything is clear and easy to understand. Thanks to the intuitive interface, bakers can focus on making tasty treats instead of figuring out complicated buttons. Our design made hard tasks feel easy.



Bakers had many machines but couldn’t easily see how each one was doing. It was hard to check each machine one by one.


With the new dashboard, bakers can look at one screen to see all their machines and if they’re working right. If something’s wrong, they can see it right away and fix it. This makes their job easier and quicker.



Bakers wanted to know how much of each ingredient in each device they used and plan for the whole month. But doing this by guessing was hard.


Bakers can now see ingredient metrics in simple charts and lists. The visual cues and colors help them know how much they need, so they don’t miss out. This design makes planning not just efficient but also enjoyable.

All Users


With multiple bakers and staff using devices, it was tough to keep track of who did what. There was no clear way to see which baker used a particular machine or how they used it.


Each user has a profile, and everything they do is logged. Managers or lead bakers can easily see who used which machine and when. This design helps keep everyone accountable and ensures smoother operations in the bakery.

Device Settings


Every machine had its own set of buttons and controls, making it hard for bakers to set them up quickly.


Bakers can change settings for all machines in one easy spot. They can prepare machines quickly and easily with simple buttons and clear instructions. This design makes baking smoother and more fun.


We used special tools to make designing the app straightforward and seamless.





Components Library


Making every part of Rotimatic look and work the same was hard. Different screens took a long time to make.


The Components Library has all the design pieces you need in one place. Every part of Rotimatic uses these elements, so everything looks and feels the same and is faster to build.

Problem solving

We listen to what they say and make changes to help. The design process works to resolve device use issues and find improved methods, enhancing the baking process.


The design process began with a strong dedication to transforming the platform into a publisher’s best friend.


Wireframes are the app’s basic sketches. They show where things go, from buttons to text. It’s the first step in designing, helping visualize the app layout before any detailed design begins.

Design system

At this stage, we created the set rules and styles for the platform. This means picking specific colors, shapes, and fonts that will be used everywhere. Having these set rules makes sure Rotimatic looks and feels the same no matter where you are in it.

Prototype & Testing

With clickable prototypes, we made a basic version of Rotimatic. Then, we try it out and see if it works well. If something isn’t right, we fix it. This helps us make sure the final product is easy and good for users.

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