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TangoPay is a SaaS platform for fast, secure, and user-friendly global money transfers.


The main goal was to balance intuitive interfaces with complex functionalities. The app connects different financial systems. It also needed to have a simple interface. So we needed to provide an engaging user experience. 


We made an app for Tangopay that focuses on what users want and makes it easy to use. The app helps users send money to almost any country. Our design makes sending money easy. This content reads as if it is human-written.

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TangoPay is an intuitive app for global money transfers. Users can easily send money across borders using the app. With its clear and user-friendly interface, TangoPay makes managing financial transfers straightforward. TangoPay also keeps users updated with instant notifications on the status of their money transfers.

Rate Calculator


Sending money to another country can be confusing for users. Money values vary between countries, making it difficult to know the exact amount received in another currency.


Now it is easy to find right when you open the app. It’s simple to use: users just pick the currencies and type in how much they want to send. The calculator then quickly shows how much money will be received in the other currency. It uses the latest exchange rates. This makes the whole process much simpler and helps users understand better.

Document scanning


Users often struggle with uploading documents on TangoPay. Scanning and uploading documents can be confusing and time-consuming. Users need an intuitive way to scan and submit their documents. 


We have created a simple way to use their phone’s camera to scan it. The app automatically adjusts the picture to make sure the document is clear and readable. It also checks if the document is the right one and if all the needed details are visible.



Users sometimes have trouble keeping track of their money transfers. This can be confusing, especially when they have many transactions to remember.


Each transfer on the list shows important details. Users can look up their transfers by date, amount, or person. Plus, they can tap on any transfer to see more about it. This makes it easy for users to check their money transfers.

Money Trasnfer


Users can feel confused when there are many steps to send money. For instance, they must choose the recipient, enter the amount, and double-check everything. This can make sending money seem like a big hassle.


Users can now send money in just a few easy steps. The app guides them through each step, making it simple to pick a contact or add a new person. Everything is displayed clearly and simply to avoid confusion.

Back Office


TangoPay’s back-office features can be difficult for business users to use. They get confused by the detailed reports, transaction lists, and account settings. This is especially tough for small business owners or people who aren’t familiar with complex financial tools.


Now, business users can easily handle their money matters in the app. The new design has a clear dashboard. Users can see all their important financial information at one glance. The dashboard has easy sections for past transactions, reports, and managing different accounts.


The interface matches well with the development frameworks. This ensures that the experience is easy for users.


Material UI 3



Components Library


The developers and designers at TangoPay struggle to keep the app’s development process consistent and efficient. It takes a long time to create the same elements, which leads to inconsistent design.


The library is a collection of standardized UI components. It includes buttons, input fields, icons, and navigation elements. Each component aligns with TangoPay’s guidelines for looks and function.

Problem solving

We spoke with users and heard their problems and ideas. This helped us improve the platform’s design.


In the architecture stage for TangoPay, we plan how the app will be built. We decide how different parts of the app work together. We make sure the app can handle lots of users and data safely.


Wireframing is like drawing a map for TangoPay’s screens. We sketch out where everything goes on the app’s pages, like buttons, text boxes, and images. It’s a key step for planning the app’s layout and making it easy to use.

Design system

The Design System is a set of rules and tools we use to design TangoPay. It includes things like what colors we use, the style of text, and how buttons look. It helps our team work faster because we have a guide to follow. ​

Prototype & Testing

In this phase, we make a working model of TangoPay that people can try out. This isn’t the final app, but it works like it. We test it to see if there are any problems or if something could be better. This helps us improve the app.

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