Digital Transformation for Government Contractors

Valocore is a new software that helps digitize government contracts and eliminate paperwork.


Make government contracting easier and more effective by using digital technology instead of paperwork.


The software is user-friendly and converts paper tasks into digital ones. This has increased the speed and transparency of government contracts.

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Project Brief

The product is a complete software solution for government contractors. Valocore is designed to digitize and simplify their paperwork. The platform does everything for contractors: invoicing, billing, payment receipt, and reporting. In UX/UI design, the main accomplishment was making a simple and user-friendly interface.

Accounts Receivable (Invoicing)


The old handwork way of billing governments had lots of problems and often made things slower.


Designed module streamlines invoicing with automated, error-free processes. Contractors can now send accurate invoices promptly, ensuring swift payment cycles.

Receive Payment


Doing government contract payments manually was dull and could lead to errors or delays in reconciliations.


The interface was created with a clear design. It offers clear payment verification and receipt generation. Contractors can easily navigate through transactions, which speeds up their work.

Accounts Payable (Billing)


Managing bills and tracking pending payments was a time-consuming task that often led to a lot of mistakes.


The Billing feature digitalizes billing, offering a transparent view of all obligations. This ensures timely agreement and maintains trust with suppliers and partners.



It was difficult to make and combine money and operations reports, and they weren’t helpful or fast.


Contractors can now quickly measure project health, profitability, and other critical metrics. And finally, make informed decision-making.

Income Statement


Creating income statements was usually done by hand, which could lead to mistakes and confuse stakeholders.


This feature makes the creation of accurate financial overviews simple. Contractors can assess their profitability and performance, keeping stakeholders informed.

Balance Sheet


Maintaining an accurate balance sheet is important for evaluating financial health, but it requires a lot of effort.


The feature design offers an instant, clear view of assets, liabilities, and equity. Now contractors maintain a strong financial footing and can plan their next steps effectively.


We always pay attention to the tech stack of the project to deliver an interface that will be implemented without headaches.


tailwind css



Components Library


Government contracting is vast and many-sided. The software must be able to scale and adapt without losing consistency in such an actively growing environment.


The Design System allows the software to quickly adapt to changes in regulations or processes. It keeps a unified and user-friendly interface.

Problem solving

The transformation from concept to digital solution was a structured, step-by-step process.


The first stage starts with a deep dive into understanding user needs and business goals. It forms a solid base for the upcoming design steps.


The design team made simple black & white wireframes to understand how the tool works and looks for users.

Design system

We made the platform easier for the dev team by creating a consistent visual language. This ensures that the platform looks the same everywhere.

Prototype & Testing

In the final phase, we developed a working prototype and modified it based on user feedback. This ensured a smooth and efficient user experience with the final software.

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