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Secrets to Hiring UI Designers Who Captivate Your Users

Finding a UI designer who perfectly balances visual flair and user-friendly functionality can feel tricky some days. But cutting corners on design means frustrating users, and that does no one any favors. UI design influences how people perceive your product and the company behind it. When the interface is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, users are […]

9 min
Feb 15, 2024
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What’s the Difference Between UI and UX Design?

Discovering the digital world from a user’s perspective can be fascinating. Whenever you interact with a digital product, you’re exposed to two main design branches: user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). For those seeking to create finely crafted products, comprehending the fundamental principles of each design branch is necessary. Our article delves into distinguishing […]

16 min
Jun 11, 2023
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Accessibility and Usability in Design: Why Is It Important?

Accessibility vs. usability. You’ve probably come across these two terms before. Both help ensure that a variety of people can use a product, whether they are non-technical or technically inclined, and also users with disabilities. Yet, accessibility and usability have different meanings and importance. In this article, we’ll explore their differences and also explain what […]

10 min
Jan 30, 2023
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    Design, Product
    8 min
    May 27, 2024

    A Holistic Design Approach: From Concept to Completion

    This situation will definitely sound familiar to you: you saw an ad, the product came to your attention, you were considering buying it, and when the culmination happened and you had to insert the information about your order, the website glitched and your time for filling out the forms was in vain. The process started […]

    Why UX Writing Is Important
    Design, Product
    12 min
    May 15, 2024

    Why UX Writing Makes (or Breaks) Your Design

    Standing out in the technological landscape is no longer about only creating a cutting-edge digital product. This is about the atmosphere you fill your brand with. Communication with the customers begins from the very first second of getting acquainted with the product. And depending on how clear and engaging it is, the user journey will […]

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